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Ascend Company & Brands

With our position as the regional online business in Southeast Asia, our goal is to be the leader in digital services and platform for customers and businesses. Through our affiliated businesses and operating brands, we build eco-systems that contributes to greater value for the betterment of our customers and businesses.


Ascend Money: Regional fintech company in Southeast Asia offering innovative financial services to better the underserved and digital consumers’ lives.


Ascend Commerce: Regional online business offering e-commerce platform,
e-procurement solutions, office supplies, travel services, fulfillment, and digital marketing service.


Cloud and data center provider that meets the needs of enterprises, medium-sized firms, and government agencies to help enable and support Thailand’s digital economy.

  • 27

    Ascend Commerce signs MOU to collaborate on OTOP e-Commerce project
    Ascend Commerce company signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Department of Community Development for the OTOP e-commerce project. This collaboration will help to promote Thai products via the WeLoveShopping.com website - helping entrepreneurs to connect with customers to grow new business opportunities. .

  • 20

    Ascend Money Announces 50,000 Agent Networks Across Southeast Asia
    TrueMoney, operated by Ascend Money company, reached 50,000 agents throughout 5 countries in 2017, which includes Cambodia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Myanmar, and the Philippines. Ascend Money is the only fintech company with license to provide e-money financial services across the region.

  • 13

    TrueMoney Launches “Easy Good Deeds” Campaign for Donation with Ten Charities
    Mobile phone users can easily donate money to ten charities through TrueMoney Wallet app. In the campaign, TrueMoney will add 10 Baht per account to each donation, and up to 100,000 Baht per charity. Various charities are included, such as those to help underprivileged people, and restoring natural environments.

  • 13

    TrueIDC Received Tier III Certification from Uptime Institute in Thailand
    It is the first and only service provider in the country to get certifications on these two areas:
    ? Tier Certification in Design Design Documents (TCDD): Structural engineering and standards for data center architecture
    ? Tier Certifications Constructed Facility (TCCF): Data center construction complying with structural engineering and architectural design


TrueMoney Wallet joins with ofo To support the 45th Thanyaburi game
TrueMoney Wallet, Thailand’s leading online payment platform, has collaborated with ofo, the world's leading “station-free” bike-sharing platform to support the 45th Thanyaburi Games. ofo has been providing staffs and students with smart bikes to travel around the university campus. TrueMoney and ofo have provided free services, plus offering incentives for users with the highest number of rides between January 22nd to 31st 2018.

Unleash your potential with us and be part of history in making a difference for Southeast Asia

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